Nuix Workstation Data Discovery Specialist

The Nuix Workstation Data Discovery Specialist is a two-day hands-on certification course focusing on case data processing, early case assessment, deduplication, searching and analysis, email threading, production sets and exports which will show you the practical steps of determining relevancy of collected information.  This course is intended for advanced Nuix users who would like to become more efficient with Nuix Workstation.  In this class, you will learn:

  • How to recognize and manage ingestion settings depending on source data
  • How to conduct effective quality assurance checks to identify data issues
  • Exploring different culling techniques and discussing their merits and pitfalls
  • Reviewing searching, tagging, reporting and additional culling workflows to enable stakeholders to quickly review key issues or results
  • Identify techniques to create quality production sets and exports for further review, exchange, or use in court.

Students will be enrolled in the Nuix Workstation Data Discovery Specialist exam. This exam is a requisite for the Nuix Data Discovery Master Certification. 

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