Nuix Workstation Forensic Practitioner Core

Nuix Workstation Forensic Practitioner Core is a one-day certification course designed to help provide the necessary tools for you to unlock the powerful capabilities of Nuix Workstation. Together, we walk through loading evidence and understanding the numerous processing settings, views and components of the Workbench, and demonstrate the various searching capabilities to help you immediately begin to analyze the artifacts brought into your case.  This class is designed for investigators in both the public and private sector along with analyst new to Nuix Workstation. You will gain the knowledge to:

  • Successfully install and configure Nuix Workstation
  • Review the basic operations of Nuix Imager
  • Create an investigations case and determine the appropriate processing settings for ingesting different formats of unstructured data and forensic images
  • Outline the various analysis options for exclusions, search, review and advanced searching techniques
  • Visualize and export data for reporting

Students will be enrolled in the Nuix Workstation Forensic Practitioner Core exam. This exam is a requisite for the Nuix Forensic Practitioner Master Certification. 

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